Client Testimonials

I have worked with athletes and other clients from all walks of life.  Here is what a few of them have to say:

“As a busy sales professional, I wasn’t sure I could take proper advantage of a membership to the gym. But I would be working harder than ever in 2010, and knew if I didn’t MAKE time to keep myself fit and well I would end up in the same kinda-unhealthy, kinda-guilty rut I’d been in. Yeah, I looked ok and felt ok, but ‘not what I could be’… like everybody else. So, I’d had a baby 4 months before, and was 10 months from turning 40, when I ‘went for it’ last December.

Like everyone does, I jumped on the treadmill the first month or so and got ‘better at running’, which felt like an accomplishment, but after a couple months and only a couple pounds (of mostly SWEAT) lost, I plateaued and found I needed to spend a damn hour and a half to push myself or feel like I’d accomplished some degree of ‘improvment’. Who the hell has that kind of time?
When I met with Steve through the complimentary sessions offered by the gym, I figured he would help me learn how to use all those intimidating ‘machines’ that I had no idea what to do with. I knew I didn’t want to ‘bulk up’ with muscle, but I needed to be shown how to use those hulking white nautilus things. El Mistako Grande!
Boy, did Steve open my eyes to training right. He ascertained what my fitness and balance levels were, etc, and then set to showing me the ropes of moving my body properly to maximize effort and to encourage the muscle groups to work well together. From urging me to warm up deep muscles properly — which is a mini-workout in itself and an awesome opportunity to ‘talk and listen’ to your body — to teaching me that weight-training doesn’t make a lady bulk up, but instead kick-starts her resting metabolism into fat-burning shape, I have had as much of an evolution in thinking as I have in eating, moving, and (most noticeably) LOOKING.
Steve is single-handedly responsible for maximizing my investment in my gym membership. Thanks to an initial package (now punctuated with refresher sessions) I know how to go get a complete, deep-muscle, endorphin-streaming, body-sculpting workout in 25-40 minutes, that I still feel the next day (in a cool, ‘body-conscious’ –not ‘body-punishing’, way). I have lost pounds of fat and gained muscle (the very flattering kind), for a net loss of 7 more lbs. I walk taller and move better, so that even my commute is a mini-workout. My diet is tighter because I don’t need that doughnut — I feel too damn good to mess around. I sleep like a baby and get excited to hit the gym. Never thought this would be me. This is a new lifestyle I intend to keep, and I can sincerely credit Steve Bergeron for getting me here. Thank you, Steve.”
Kristin – sales consultant, age 34

“I have been working with Steve for about eight months and it has been an amazing experience.  Before we started working together, I was rotating between some cardio and some lifting.   Steve showed me a whole new group of exercises to correct some entrenched muscle tightness and postural damage and to work on building lean muscle to improve my overall flexibility and strength.   As a result of Steve’s program, my strength has improved by leaps and bounds, my body fat has dropped and I feel significantly better.”

Robert – lawyer, age 47

“I started going to Steve when I was recovering from shoulder surgery.  Going to the gym isn’t always easy, but Steve made it enjoyable and I stuck with it. Knowing he was going to be there to encourage me was enough to keep be going.  Now, almost 6 months later, I have a fully recovered shoulder and I’m down almost two jean sizes.  Even though the shoulder is healed, I still see Steve because he has become an important part of my workout.  He pushes me when I need to be pushed, backs off when he knows I’m at my max, and introduces me to new exercises almost every session.  I move better than I have in my entire life and am able to do more than before my injury.  What more could you ask for in a trainer?”

Laura – age 32, IT Docketing Specialist

One response to “Testimonials

  • Ann Doyle

    I must say thank you for your excellent advice. I continue to do the squat things and roll around on the foam roller. I have lost 5 lbs and feel so much stronger. Thanks to you, I feel better than I have felt in years. I am inspired by your writings to continue on this path. Keep up the good works.

    A. Doyle

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