Personal Training – I use a fun integrated approach to personal training that combines flexibility, mobility, strength, and cardiovascular training that will help you produce the greatest results from your training and fitness program.  Each client recieves a full assessment beginning with a qualitative movement screen and exercise history assessment.  From there we work together on an individualized program that will help you reach your goals.

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Program Assessment/Development – For those of you who are self-sufficient in the gym and are looking to take their training to the next level by altering their program then this might be where to start.  I will assess current exercise selection, technique, and overall program to ensure you are getting the most from your workouts. 

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Online Training – I also work with a wide variety of clients from all over via the wonder of the internet.  Begin by emailing me your goals and a little bit about yourself and I will decide whether or not we are a good match.  I will email you a short questionairre to fill out and we will begin from there. 

  1. I will write you a personalized program based on your goals and history.
  2. Email me questions about the routine, workout, and/or exercises (we can modify based on your feedback)
  3. Email me your weekly workout and nutrition logs and we can modify based on your feedback.
  4. If you have a video camera and are able to video tape your exercise form I can give you feedback on how to improve/correct.

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Bootcamps – Looking for a spectacular workout for you and your friends but aren’t able to commit to personal training?  Then a bootcamp is perfect for you!  These workouts are provided for small to medium size groups and include total body fitness workouts

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