The Hottest Thing a Girl Has Ever Said To Me

If you have ever had any doubt that I don’t get out much, you are absolutely correct.  Between training myself, my clients, education, writing, and following the Boston sports phenomenon (even the Sox this year) I don’t get out much anymore.  Something like all work and no play comes to mind.  So is the life of the committed personal trainer.

In the end of the day it is a good thing that I love what I am doing and get to have fun at work.  How many of you can honestly say that?

Needless to say, I find it very attractive when a girl is genuinely into exercise and properly training her body.  Initially, I get the same speil with many of my clients regarding doing things like squats, pushups, and lifting heavy things.  Believe me, it is a tough sell to most women when you say that lifting heavy and squatting will not make them big and bulky.

After training for several weeks most of thier opinions change and they actually begin liking lifting heavy.  It is a beautiful thing watching a woman deadlift 135 for the first time after saying “I could never lift that much.”  One of the girls I have been working with since last March is now doing barbell front squats, deadlifts, and assisted towel pullups.  She looks phenomenal and is doing things she never dreamed of.  Makes a trainer proud.

In addition to training clients at my facility, I also work with several distance or online clients whom I write monthly programs for.  My most recent addition is a girl who came  because her current program was lacking, well, everything.  A friend of hers had her doing leg presses, machine bench presses, and even worse the leg ad and abductor machines.  Have you ever seen the PSA commercial with the Native American walking through the polluted streets?  This is how I feel inside when I hear stories like this.

She was more than happy to completely junk everything she was doing and start anew.  I took her through the initial FMS assessment and she passed with flying colors.  Pilot to co-pilot, we’re ready for takeoff.

I wrote her a 3 day program consisting of a full mobility warmup and exercises like goblet squats, deadlifts, single leg rdl’s, and pullups (negatives).  First off, she is able to get through each day’s workout in less time then it was taking her to make her way through the land of machines.  Second, she loves actually using her body to exercise as well as lifting heavy things.  Her profession: a preschool teacher. 

Two weeks after beginning her program she sends me this message: “I saw a video of a girl doing one legged squats (I’m assuming pistol squats).  What do I have to do to learn how to do those that smooth and clean?”.    Wow, I’m smitten.

Not only that but she want’s to pick up a mini-band to do lateral walks to help her squat improve.  Not only does she like to train but she wants to get better.  At this point I’m totally speachless.  I love what I do and I love it even more when I am able to get others to share the passion. 

On a side note, about a month ago Tony Gentilcore wrote a post in response to another Boston trainer’s article on why women shouldn’t squat and only fitness professionals who are “un-informed” have their clients squat.  This post was responded to by glute afficionado Bret Contreras in a well thought and well put post.

This week the follow-ups were posted in an epic, but respectful, “you got served” kind of manner.  Be prepared to have some knowledge bombs dropped on your ass.  These are must reads to that explain why squatting is good for us and dispel any myths and reasons we shouldn’t.  Part 1, Part 2.

In other news, I am actually getting out tonight to go see the new Saw 3D.  This is going to be my first 3D movie so I have high expectations.  See, my life isn’t all barbells and  Kettlebells.


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2 responses to “The Hottest Thing a Girl Has Ever Said To Me

  • Peter

    In order to get more people–mostly women since I see them on these machines the most–the plan is to print fliers that read, “What you are doing is useless,” and post them on the bikes and treadmills at the Campus Rec Center and get them to come to the kettlebell club I started.

    • s2bfitness

      Ha, thats one way to do it but I’m sure that would get a lot of negative feedback. In order to covert the “treadies” I like to offer a few basics like KB deadlifts and easy core exercises as a sort of teaser. There are some people who want to learn but don’t know how to ask. Some are just easier to convert than others.

      I still let my clients use cardio equipment until they make it up in their head that there are more fun ways to sweat and get in cardiovascular work. I’m fairly confident that most people don’t enjoy plodding away on the treadmill for hours on end.

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