Often Awesome

Early this morning I recieved an email from one of the strength coaches whom I follow very closely.  Actually, I mentioned her a few posts back as she is one of the hosts of The Fitcast and has a series of cookbooks and fat loss books.  I am talking about the one and only Leigh Peele.

The email contained a link to her site, more specifically her most recent post: “Humans – Often Awesome” offering free stuff with no catch.  There are very few times in my life that I have been handed something for nothing but I thought it would be worth checking out.  At the very least I would come out with a free cookbook to share with all my clients.

She was speaking on behalf of a web series titled “Often Awesome“.  The series follows Timothy LaFollette’s (30) journey and his terminal battle with ALS. Tim and his new wife, Kaylan don’t have much more time left together and have decided to not only spend it with each other, but with the world. They have choose to be a voice for hope, change, and love for not only the people personally affected with ALS, but people in general.

It isn’t just them either, but the team of people and friends who have come together to help make this process something special – something that maybe makes the heartache of losing such a wonderful friend a little bit easier. It’s evident everywhere, even in their t-shirts that say “Putting the Team in Terminal!” These people remind you what living is all about. They remind you that humans, are often awesome.

Take something from this and be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for the chance to change things you can change.

Leigh herself is a pretty awesome person for taking the time to spread the word of hope for Timothy and many like him.  Here is the link again: “Humans-Often Awesome”, which I urge you to take 5 min to check out.  All she asks is that you join the facebook group Often Awesome, and paste this on your wall and she will send you one of her products free.  People ARE awesome. Please join this group and give a voice to ALS and REPOST!

Help a good cause and recieve something in return.  People ARE awesome. 🙂


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