Setting Goals and 5-3-1

Today I just wanted to share with you a little bit of what I have been doing in my own training, some things I have learned and how you can relate it to your own training.  Yes, I work in a gym and stay very active throughout my day demonstrating exercises for new clients but unlike what many people think, I am not able to “workout whenever I want”.  Actually, as I have been getting busier with clients I am finding less and less time to fit in my actual workouts which has turned out to be a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to train and if I was able to lift heavy metal objects, listen to loud music and eat all day I would be in heaven.  But lifting less has forced me to reevaluate some of the things I do, mainly by focusing on some of the more important lifts (see last post).

Here are a few things that I have learned:

  1. Sometimes less is more.
  2. Sometimes more is better.
  3. Sometimes stuff I say doesn’t make sense but you just have to trust me.*
  4. Set a goal and work backwards.
  5. Change is good.

As some of you may know I have recently made the change from training like an athlete to powerlifting.  There was no real reason besides the fact that I wanted to try something new and I have never training in powerlifting.  I grew up playing sports, did the bodybuilding split bodypart training in college, got into olympic lifting later in college, moved towards functional training to fix all the damage I had done over the years, trained like an athlete all summer, and now I am here.  I have been coaching for a few years now and have worked with all types of clients and in doing so have learned all types of training.

This is what I have learned training others:

  1. Everyone has a goal.
  2. No one has a plan to reach that goal.
  3. There is are many different ways for each person to reach their goal.
  4. People want to do less but do more.
  5. People have time to do more but do less.
  6. *See number 3 above.


Now to go over some of the things that I have been doing (which may or may not work for others) as far as my own training and nutrition.  My lifting component has been built around a variation of Wendler’s 5-3-1 program which is basically to find your max in the core lifts (bench, squat, and deadlift) and perform reps at a certain percentage without doing too much other lifting.  I won’t get into the formula, but I have been setting personal records at least once a week.  This month alone my max deadlift shot up 45lbs!

In other words, I have been lifting less and getting better results.  My goal is to deadlift over 450lbs by December 13th so I am working backwards with mini goals each month when I retest my max.  In addition to lifting more I have been eating more and getting leaner than when I was eating less.  On a sidenote: many people consume less calories than they need to increase strength and decrease bodyfat.  See ya later 100 calorie packs.

feed me damnit

The big change in my programming is what may be playing a large roll in my significant increase in my max and lean body mass.  The takeaway for all of you is to try to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Getting into powerlifting is definitely something that has challenged me to do something I have never done before.

Peace, love and try something new!!

About s2bfitness

I am a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach working out of Fitcorp in the Financial District. I have a no-nonsense approach to training and desire to provide the most up-to-date, results based, and fun training environment for my clients. I specialize in fat loss, strength training, program design, corrective exercise, and nutrition. View all posts by s2bfitness

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