Weekend Reading for 8/20

TGIF everyone, I hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend as summer is beginning to wind down.  I myself am planning to attend my fraternity’s alumni softball game for some beer, sun, and seeing how well all of my college buddies have aged since graduation.  I’m sure we will all be a bit rusty so it will be an interesting experience.  Here are some links to articles for you to check out over the weekend.

I had to start with this clip from Tosh.O as deadlifting is my favorite exercise.  Laugh at this for your Saturday ab workout.

Here is a great 3 part series by Mike Robertson laying the smack down on knee pain.  In part 1 he describes where your knee pain is coming from and it’s not your knees.  It’s the bees knees!  Bad joke.  Part 2 goes over a few things you can do strengthen your hips to help your knees and part 3 gets more in depth on single leg work and stability exercises.  Enjoy.

Here Nick Tuminello runs you through the bottoms-up Kettlebell exercise to work on shoulder stability.  This is an awesome exercise to add to your repertoire (there’s my $5 word for the weekend and yes I had to spell-check) as your shoulders will love you for it.  Build stability for healthy shoulders.

Thats a pretty badass variation of the bottoms up

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  How do you train?

In relation to the above article, here is one by Leigh Peele on making your own decisions about your body type.  There is a lot in our lives that lies beyond your control.  Your body, how you dress, talk, and walk are all in your control.  So take control.

Here is a great older article by Tony Gentilcore on proper program design.  Do you just work out with no end in sight or do you have a specific goal?  Yes, losing weight is a goal but if you don’t have a proper plan to get there how do you expect to succeed?  The same is true for gaining strength.  This article is a must read for anyone who likes to train as much as I do.  (This should be everyone)

Have a great weekend.



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